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Terms of Use

This Website is operated by ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság. Accessing to this Website is regulated by the Terms of Use as follows, which concern exclusively this Website and are not valid to websites of other organisations which can be reached through the links of this Website.

Exclusion of liability

The content of the Website is under no circumstances to be considered as legal counselling; it is only published by ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság for information purposes.

Websites which can be reached through the links of this Website do not belong to ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság. The Law Firm excludes all liability for these websites and their contents.

ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság makes all necessary and rational efforts in order to ensure the exactitude of the data published on this Website.

ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság does not guarantee nor ensure the permanent and faultless availability of the Website. ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság excludes all liability for loss or damage which may incur to you as a result of downloading or unavailability of the Website.

ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság is not liable for those contents prepared, forwarded or published by a third person, which are attached to the Website of ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság or are referred to therein.
ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság reserves the right to modify or delete the Website or its content, as well as to modify the present terms of use, temporarily or permanently, without preliminary notice.

Copyright issues

The trademarks and logos, as well as the available information and other materials published on the Website and are in relation with ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság are subject to copyright. All related rights can be exercised exclusively by ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság or its member law firms, as ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság is the only beneficiary of the trademark protection.

No third person is entitled to use, copy, distribute or publish the trademarks, logos and information in any way, under any legal title or for any purpose other than that of this Website, without the preliminary written consent of ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság. Any illegal use may implicate legal consequences prescribed by copyright, private and criminal law.

The users of this Website are entitled to print – for personal, non-commercial purposes – one exemplar of any part contained by this Website, provided that they do not change or modify the material. ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság reserves its ownership rights and copyrights related to the downloaded material.
The materials published on this Website can only be used for legal purposes.

Any further use of this Website or its contents is strictly forbidden without the preliminary written consent of ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság.

Data protection principles

By completing our contact form you agree that ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság records, registers and processes your personal data in its register during the performance of the service. We always perform data management in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

While managing and using information and data required on the Website, ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság always observes the provisions of Act no. LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and on the Access to Data of Public Interest; Act. no. VI of 1998 promulgating the Convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data, concluded in Strasbourg, on 28 January 1981; and also the recommendations of “ONLINE PRIVACY ALLIANCE”.

ATTSO Tanácsadó Betéti Társaság respects the rights and personal information of the Website’s visitors.
Under the Data Protection Act, all data which may be in connection with a natural person or based on which a conclusion can be drawn to the same, qualify as personal data.

You as a natural person are entitled to know and in case of necessity to modify your data registered by us; furthermore you are entitled to require us through our contact details indicated for this purpose not to use and/or to delete your data from our register.

If you happen to have any questions, remarks or complaints concerning the data, content or visual appearance of this Website, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact details indicated for this purpose.
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Cookie policy

The anonymous visitor tracking (cookie) system represents unique text files that are stored on the user’s computer or mobile device for identification and for storing profile information.
However, it’s important to note that this series of data does not store the user’s full IP address and it can’t identify visitors, but cookies can recognize the user’s device.
Entering a name, e-mail address, or any other personal information is not required, as the service provider doesn’t ask visitors to provide such records, while the process of exchanging data happens between the devices.
You have the option to disable cookies, which you can do in your browser settings.

If you do not use Cookies during your visit, you will need to know that most features and pages will not work as expected.

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